Gold Rush Resources

Here at GRE, we have a parent library full of helpful books on a variety of topics for raising children. In the parent library, we have books available for parents to read independently or books to read with children about difficult subjects. If you would like to check out one of these books, please stop by our main library and check with Mrs. Golish. 
Here is the list of books available...


Books about divorce

What in the world do you do when your parents divorce?

Standing on my own two feet

Dinosaurs Divorce

Books about anger

When Sophie Gets Angry

When I feel Angry

How to take the Grrr out of Anger

Books about anxiety/worrying

When my worries get too big

What to do when you worry too much

Books about death and dying

I miss you

Sad isn't Bad

Help me say goodbye

I wish I could hold your hand

Tear Soup


The Out of Sync Child - Carol Stock Kranowitz

How to Talk so Kids will Listen - Adele Faber

1-2-3 Magic - Thomas Phelen

The Explosive Child-Ross Greene

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent - Jim Fay

The Out of Sync Child has Fun - Carol Stock Kranowitz

Setting Limits with Your Strong Willed Child - Robert Mckenzie

How to Discipline Kids without losing their Love and Respect - Jim Fay

Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, and Consultants - Jim Fay

Kids are Worth It - Barbara Coloroso

Parenting with Love and Logic - Jim Fay

Sensational Kids - Lucy Jane Miller

Driven to Distraction - Edward M. Hallowell

Lost at School - Ross Greene

Survival Strategies for Parenting your ADD Child - Lynn

Unfortunately, throughout the school year, families will experience a loss of a family member, friend, or a pet. Here you will find some resources to help your family cope during a difficult time. If you feel that your child needs extra support here at Gold Rush, please feel free to contact me.